1. - Dec 11: Giving a tutorial with my advisor (Aditya Gopalan) on 'Battling Bandits' (Learning with Preferences) at NeurIPS'23, New Orleans, USA. Will have a 30 mins panel discussion as well. More to come!
  2. - Oct 17: Invited as a spotlight speaker at UM-AI Symposium23 , University of Michigan.
  3. - Sept 8-9: Organizing another workshop on Federated Learning [Event Website] at TTI Chicago. Don't forget to Register here! . Feel free to write for any questions, looking forward!
  4. - Aug 17-18: Attending David & Yishay Fest. Please reach out if you are around Chicago!
  5. - Serving as an AC for NeurIPS'23, ICLR'24, and AIStats'24.
  6. - July 31: Giving a tutorial at UAI'23 on 'Federated Learning'. [UAI'23 tutorials]. Attending UAI, CMU, Pittsburgh!
  7. - July 28: Super excited about our workshop at ICML'23 on 'Many Facets of Learning with Preferences'. Attending ICML, Hawaii, Honolulu!
  8. - July 20: Giving a talk at Simons on 'Online Federated Learning'. [Event website]

... stay tuned!